Landscape Modification Guidelines


Can I plant flowers?

Yes – The Architectural Committee has passed a selection of plants and tree’s that can be approved. Any homeowner who wishes to change there landscaping is required to submit a Landscape Modification Request. Please remember that even though the plants or tree’s you have chosen may or may not be approved. The Architectural Committee will review and make recommendations to the HOA Board. The HOA Board has final approval. If you plant prior to approval you may be required to remove any plants that are not approved.

Can I plant vegetables?

No РVegetables are not permitted as they attract many insects and since our community will be spraying for insects, the community can not be placed in a situation of liability. Edible low maintenance plants or Florida Friendly Landscaping will require Architectural Approval prior to placement by completing the Landscape Modification Request

Can I have a statue or flag in my yard?

Yes РThe Architectural Committee will review every request for the placement of statues. Your request must be submitted on the Architectural Modification Form.  Any statue that is placed without prior approval may have to be removed if not approved.

Can I have potted plants?

Yes – The Architectural Committee will approve potted plants. The pots must be of a Terracotta color, not larger that 16 inches in diameter and no homeowner shall have more than 2. The plants that are maintained in these pots must not get higher than 36 inches from ground level. Plants must be maintained by the homeowner in good condition. Any plants that are not kept up will be subject to immediate removal by the HOA Board including pot’s if not corrected within 48 hours of notification.

– No other potted plants may be placed outside the home or screen enclosures.
– Potted plants or edible low maintenance plants will require Architectural Approval prior to placement by completing the Landscape Modification Request.

Approved Plants