Management Company Update 8-12-2017

August 12, 2017

Welcome letters should be sent from the new property management company this week.

You should not notice a change in how or where monthly assessment payments are made at this time. The new property manager uses the same bank and lock-box system as Citadel. The board intends for this part of the transition to be seamless.

If an you have received a letter informing you that you are behind in payments, please follow the instructions in the letter to clear the account and not get deeper in debt to the HOA by late fees, interest, fines, and/or penalties. If payment is not made until September, please follow the instructions in the welcome letter from the new property manager starting September 1.

There are a very few homeowners who pay Citadel directly. If you pay Citadel directly, please review the welcome packet for updated payment information.

Other than as described above, please do not make ANY payments directly to Citadel. This includes monthly assessments, remotes, etc. Gate remotes are now $30 and are handled onsite (contact the president). If you receive a letter, email, text, or phone call to make a payment directly to Citadel, please report this immediately to a board member.