flr 15Each townhouse has been assigned one numbered parking space. All non-numbered parking spaces are available on a first come first served basis.

It is not permissible to park on the grass and/or landscaped area. Irrigation systems could be damaged. Fines and/or fees to repair/replace irrigation damage may be assessed.

Commercial and recreational vehicles are not permitted unless approved by the HOA. (Article IX, Section 15) Violators will be towed at the owner’s expense.

A sticker may be placed on the vehicle with the time and date an infraction is noticed for offenses that are not instant towing violations. Vehicles may be removed at the owners’ expense. Violators will be required to pay all fines and fees before retrieving their vehicle from the towing company. Article IX, Section 15 details the types of vehicles prohibited from the community.

Good neighbor policy: Please contact owner if there is a HOA sticker present to identify vehicle.


  • Parked in a handicapped space without permit
  • Vehicle with no visible license plate
  • Vehicle blocking a fire hydrant
  • Parking in front of the garbage area
  • Parking in a no parking/reserved zone
  • Parking on the grass
  • Parking in an assigned space that is not yours
  • Double parked
  • All Vehicles with expired tags
  • Campers or boats
  • Abandoned vehicles – (no sticker present)


    • Vehicles with flat tire/tires – 3 day notice
    • Unapproved commercial vehicles – 3 day notice

Mandatory Parking Decals

Complete the information sheet to obtain parking decals which will identify your vehicle to your neighbors and the towing company. Once you receive your decal, please place it in the inside front windshield, bottom of driver’s side. Please find information sheet on the website.