Pet Registration and Bylaws


While they are man’s best friend, dogs can reek havoc on lawns and anger many neighbors for the things that come natural to them, and what their owners do not. It is a serious issue where pet owners are not appropriately picking up after their pets. Although it is perfectly acceptable to walk your dog throughout the community, it is not acceptable to leave a mess behind. Article XI, Section 12 of the CC&R’s states that “No pet shall be allowed outside a lot except on a leash. No pets shall be permitted to place or have excretions on any portion of the property unless the owner of the pet physically removes any such excretions from that portion of the property.” Pet owners should carry a bag with them at all times. Not all potty-breaks are planned, and you must be prepared!flr 11

Please immediately remove all pet waste from yours or someone else’s property and securely place in one of the many dumpster’s provided.  Dog feces may contain serious bacteria and viruses that are harmful to other dogs, and people. It’s in a dog’s nature to eat the feces of other dogs. With pet waste littered throughout the community, you risk your own pet’s health and the health of other pets. This is the same grass that we walk in and our children play in. If you own a pet, be responsible and clean up after it.

If you notice a pet owner leaving behind their pet’s waste, report them immediately by sending an email to Violators will be fined.. You must be able to describe the pet and indicate owner’s house number. It is even better if you can take a picture of the incident.


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